Monday, September 18, 2017

Scared to Have a Vasectomy? Bring your Bro!

Snip! Snip! Why is it that these two simple words trigger fear and loathing in the most manly of men?

It's a simple procedure, taking less than 15 minutes with very little pain or down time, yet some men cringe just at the mention of it--even though studies show that guys who get snipped get laid more often than guys who haven't undergone the procedure. Click here to read more from Men's Health mag.

The GMA journalist who interviewed the good Dr. who performs "Brosectomies"--vasectomies for guys who want to "share" the experience, finding safety in numbers--noted on air that he had unconsciously crossed his legs during the entire interview.

Watch the interview on Good Morning America for a good chuckle and see how two friends turned their vasectomies into a party! Share with a friend!

Any vasectomy stories you want to share?

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