Thursday, August 28, 2014

We Don't have to have a Child to Care!

Social Media is all a buzz over the Video clip of Jennifer Anniston puzzling over why people feel compelled to demand "When are you having kids?" as if that were the only way a woman can contribute as a human being.

Commenting on this video clip, Today Show's Tamron Hall speaks about her own experience of being a mid-forties single childless woman. I could really identify with the pain around that and it is one of the reasons why I wrote the book "Two is Enough"

The assumption that you must be devoid of caring or empathy because you haven't had the experience of birthing or raising a child is totally off the mark.

I was pleased to see Tamron's co-workers on the Today Show empathize. I think they got it. Now if we could reach the rest of the world...

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Our Book Club for Two said...

I saw this yesterday and I wrote on my own blog that a Celebrity can do in one minute what 200k voices of non-celebrities cannot. Women's voices are too often muted on this topic and it's time to amplify the topic! Women are whole beings, loving, complete, beautiful inside & out--women should not have to "prove" their inner selves to anyone!