Friday, February 10, 2012

I Don’t Want Children. Am I a Freak?

This great blog post from Gala has been making the rounds on the Two Is Enough and Childless by Choice Project facebook pages and has been so well received that I felt compelled to share it with you, my dear blog readers, as I am certain there is something here that you can totally identify with!

Pour yourself a cup of tea, a cola, or a glass of wine and be prepared for some adult spit up as you laugh out loud.

Flickr photo by Dr Case


Gina Newton said...

Another fantastic perspective - I am so thankful for your book/blog!

Laura S. Scott said...

Thank You OCG! So glad you are enjoying the blog. It gives me a chance to continue the conversation after I wrote Two is Enough. Thanks for being part of the conversation!

Stevie Dickerson said...

HAHA! I'm totally the Stevie that wrote in. Funny I just found this blog today. SO I just wanted to point out that I'm still childfree by choice and haven't regretted it at all:)

Thanks for blogging!