Friday, November 19, 2010

Will You Be Working This Thanksgiving?

This is the question CNN News anchor Don Lemon asked his childfree guest on Sunday night's news program.

He had invited this childfree man and Katherine Reynolds Lewis, The Fiscal Times. com reporter who wrote "Parental Guidance: Why Your Co-workers May Hate You," to talk about the workplace tension that exists, especially during the holidays, when single and childless employees may be expected to work holidays and weekends while their colleagues who are parents are allowed to take the time off.

While Don Lemon suggested that "hate" might be too severe a word, he did acknowledge that this workplace tension does exist in the CNN newsroom and is experienced by his single friends.

Will you be working this Thanksgiving holiday?

Flickr Photo by Riptheskull


Joanna said...

I didn't work on Thanksgiving- I work at a university, and it was closed. Holidays depress me, though. My husband and I are usually split up at different family get togethers on Thanksgiving, because they always plan the dinners for the same time.I think that if we had children, we would have an excuse to visit just one family. Also, I think if we had kids the families would be more accomodating, as they would want to see the kids!
Also, my friends and sister with kids keep talking about how their kids are coming home from college, and the few I know with grandchildren monopolize the conversations even more with how they will see the grandkids. I feel I have a lot to be thankful for, and my husband and I are really happy with our choice not to have kids.But I just wish I didn't feel so left out at this time of year, and that others would not be so braggy.

Janet Brindle Reddick said...

We worked Thanksgiving this year and we'll work Christmas, too. But we'll get Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve off. And it will buy us the thanks of our coworkers, and be ultimately better for us.

So in our case, this is a win-win situation.