Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Take Me To Your Tweeple

I’m feeling like the aliens shown above because I’ve just created my first Twitter account CbyCproject and I feel like I am on a different planet.

The Childless by Choice Project social media outreach began with the Childless by Choice Project website, a Squidoo lens, a blog (first as a contributor of Purple Women & Friends and now this blog), then the Facebook Page for Two Is Enough, and now Twitter.

I was reluctant to sign up for Twitter at first because I really didn’t have the time and I didn’t know how I might use it. Then a month ago I signed up for a class on social media at a writer’s conference and began to understand where twitter fits in an outreach program. I realized this was another way to connect with other childfree folks and to continue to learn and share.

There is no possible way one book or one documentary can encompass all there is to know about the childless by choice demographic. We are not one homogeneous blob. So I like to go beyond my survey respondents and the participants of the Childless by Choice Project and hear from childless and childfree people from all over.

I was recently contacted by a woman from Argentina. She found me through Unscripted, the ezine for the childfree, after an online search and she wondered if there was a Spanish language version of Two is Enough or the documentary. Unfortunately no, not yet. However she reminded me that childfree people exist in every corner of the world and in every corner of the web.

If you are a twitter user please tweet me at CbyCproject and let’s start a conversation.

Flickr Photo courtesy of State Library and Archives of Florida


Magenta Baribeau said...

Hi! I just found out about your documentary. I'm a French-Canadian filmmaker also working on a feature documentary on the subject :) I'm 31, childfree. I find there is severe lack of funding in Canada for feature-length documentary films... especially on such a taboo subject. Did you get grants or did you have to finance it yourself? If you'd like to speak to me, I'd be delighted to share our common experience :)

You can also visit my blog on the subject. It's in French but i'm sure the images will speak volume :)

Laura S. Scott said...

Hi Magenta!
Thanks for reaching out. Yes, you are right! There is a severe lack of funding for films on this subject. I have applied for every fund and grant I am eligable for but no luck. Outside of a few charitable donations, I have self-funded this film so far. It has not been easy.

I am Canadian by birth so I can read a bit of french and I will check out your blog. I would love share our common experience of filmmaking. Please contact me through and we can find some time to chat.

Laura S. Scott said...

Thanks to all who have responded to my twitter appeal. There is life on the childlessbychoice planet!